ebc017: Doggerland Invites

As Deleuze said, “There’s no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons”...
And yet. We might not need these drives, fear & hope, but there they are. East Bristol Contemporary invited Doggerland to organise show #17


Doggerland Journal
Issue #4

Our latest issue featuring: Rowan Lear 'Towards radical inefficiency: autonomy, overwork and resistance in artistic labour', Lauren Velvick 'Modes of Ownership in Art and Housing, and Sophie Sleigh-Johnson 'Doggerland: The Drift of Waves'.


Back in stock!

After selling out the last lot, we actually found the very last remaining copies of issue #1, which means we've put together a few more bumper packs containing all 4 of the current Doggerland issues at a special price of just £10! This should tie you over till we put together the next one...


don't shoot the messenger (II) - Philip Ewe

A car’s headlights are left on as it sits in the middle of the estate filling and billowing with red smoke. Operatic score projects from the top floor walkway. Philip Ewe 'don't shoot the messenger (II)', as part of 'Capital I', Bede House, London. 2017

Digital Texts

Alice Gale-Feeny

'How many other people are you able to drift with, alone?' A digital project and conversation with Alice Gale-Feeny, developed intermittently over a year of exhibitions, emails, screenings, studio visits, texts and Skype calls.

Artist-led Map

Map of artist-led activity around the UK

We're pleased to incorporate an interactive map feature to the website, offering a resource for city-centric and regional focus, a visual directory of spaces around the UK. By no means a fully-comprehensive survey, the map will grow in time to reflect the ever-transient artist-led landscape, taking into account past spaces, and projects without a defined base or area.