Doggerland conducts collaborative research documenting the breadth of artist-led activity across the UK with the purpose of contributing toward a wider, more deeply concerned understanding and dialogue with artists and arts writers on the modes in which this practice operates and influences - and is influenced by - practitioners, non/professionals, place, policy, ideology and community.

We are in an ongoing gradual process of meeting with artists and fellow travellers both coordinating and circulating within artist-led projects and culture. By holding these conversations, we attempt to recognise the nuances and defining attributes of each project, whilst seeking an understanding of the broader climate of artist-led activity around the country.

We continue to question the failures of contemporary criticism, and believe there to be a great disjuncture between art writing and opinion-formed discussion. There is also a substantial lack of exposure and engaged-writing in response to the specificity of artist-led spaces and projects. Doggerland attempts to contribute to this conversation, whilst also commissioning and developing research, thought, and articles with other artists and writers collaboratively through our Digital Projects and Doggerland Journal. We are always interested to hear from other writers keen to contribute to this conversation too.

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Sam Playford-Greenwell
Tom Prater