Digital Texts

Welcome to Digital Texts: a series of collaborations between Doggerland and other writers and artists, platforming experimental and creative writing situated around or in response to a wider artist-led/artist-fed culture. Broadly speaking, this writing here hums with the lived-experience; fictional, personal, societal, niche, marginal or otherwise.

Each Digital Text will perform playful experiments with the tools at our disposal: large or small public datasets, personal geolocations or monitoring user navigation. They are akin to sketches, engaged more in the possibilities of visualising both writing and coding as specific user experiences, rather than homogenous web designs. These pages may work for you, or they may not; this can be as dependent on web-browser preferences as much as the efficacy of our coding.

Emily Pope

This Room is too Dark for a Friend

Sept 2016

Alice Gale-Feeny

How many other people are you able to drift with, alone?

June 2017

GIF Economies

In an attempt to perform the very reciprocity, independence and acute empowerment of which we are proclaiming from our research into artist­-led activity, BA Fine Art students of various university courses around the UK are carving a collection of axe heads out of terracotta clay, before sequentially installing an artwork of their own among the clay replicas. Thus, each of the participants have their own solo show within this setting, an action to be confirmed and affirmed by the presence of each GIF.

The GIF as an entity taunts us in this context with it’s lack of a ’T’, but in so doing points to the acknowledged exchange of the workshop’s structure, as each participant becomes our audience, we in turn return the favour; an eye for an eye / an hour of your time for a humble solo show. A light hearted gesture for sure, however, through conversations around the parallel institute and ideas of reformulating the artist-led as a notion of ‘independence’ ­- momentarily putting aside the tricky associations and impossibilities that such a term implies -­ we have become increasingly interested in the importance of us all as practitioners assuring for ourselves some of the ‘means of production’ of exhibition making: the gallery. Independence for independence sake alone is reason enough.

#1 University of the West of England, #2 Sheffield Hallam University